The EUROMECH-Colloquium 563 will be held in Palazzo Caetani of Cisterna di Latina, 70 km south of Rome (about 30 min from Stazione Termini in Rome; look at the rail system site). While attending at the Conference, you will be able to take advantage of everything the Italian Capital has to offer.


Built by the Duke Bonifacio Caetani in 1560 around the fortress of the Frangipane of which are still visible the Roman well and the square tower. The Palace lies at the highest point of the village of which it was a frontier defense as well as an entrance through the arch known as “Porta Agrippina”.

Room ‘Madre C. Troiani’

On Wednesday the EUROMECH-Colloquium 563 will move to the Room ‘Madre C. Troiani’ which is located in an old Mill dating from the late XVIII century in Giuliano di Roma, a small picturesque mountain town located about 80 km southeast of Rome.